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We represent clients and purchase artworks on their behalf. In this capacity, one of our primary objectives is to develop a clear understanding of the client's art needs and interests. 
We are also employed by businesses or organizations that are acquiring art for show flats or office buildings.

SPDB Office Art Pieces Proposal

Two floors office of SPDB Hong Kong located at Wan Chai. Immersive art experience—— this is the big concept of this proposal, whole working environment is related to art. To provide tolerant art types represented the internationalization working space.

33F recipition 2.jpg

Private villa decoration

Located on the top of the hill in Hong Kong, in addition to the private collection, the owner hopes to have some decorative paintings on a limited budget in the guest room to upgrade the environment.

WeChat 圖片_20210907114634_edited.jpg

Fine Art Collection Advisor

Providing collection advice to private clients, in addition to art investment. The art pieces can also become a part of the daily lifestyle.

SHKP show flat 1.jpg
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